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Vinyl Printing

Auto-rickshaw advertising is an affordable way to advertise in transit media. It’s cheaper and grabs attention. We are a leading manufacturer of auto rickshaw vinyl stickers and are based in New Delhi, India. With an objective to fulfil the demands of our clients, we are engaged in providing a wide array of auto rickshaw vinyl sticker branding.

Here are some key benefits of auto rickshaw vinyl sticker branding:

  1. In comparison to hoarding and print media, it offers lower charges.
  2. The target demographic is interested in and curious about the relatively new area of auto-rickshaw advertising.
  3. For at least 16 hours each day, your brand has roaming visibility, providing extensive exposure.
  4. We take pride in providing the best selection of auto-rickshaw vinyl sticker advertising as soon as possible.
  5. We provide a wide selection of products, including flex printing services, in addition to vinyl stickers for auto rickshaws.


Through our constant performance and devotion to customer requirements, it is clear that we are dedicated to offering highly qualified promotional auto-rickshaw advertising services. To increase the visibility of your brand, choose our dependable Indian advertising services.

Flex Printing

Advertising on auto-rickshaws is a very cost-effective and efficient way to spread the word about your company through transit media. Flex and net cloth are used in this creative style of advertising to make eye-catching displays for auto-rickshaws. To ensure a seamless and effective campaign, our core services include flex printing, stitching, fabrication, and installation.


Auto-rickshaw advertising offers much lower charges while still attracting the interest of a large audience as compared to traditional hoarding and print media. Given the novelty of this advertising medium, audiences are naturally curious and intrigued. Your brand obtains roaming visibility for at least 16 hours a day thanks to the constant movement of auto-rickshaws, maximising exposure and reach.

We specialise in E-Rickshaw Stepney Cover Advertising, giving you rapid and efficient brand message delivery. Our team of professionals specialises at providing Promotional Auto Rickshaw Advertising Services, ensuring dependable and outstanding outcomes catered to your unique needs. As a premier supplier of Indian advertising services, we work hard to satisfy and even go above and beyond customer expectations with unrivalled quality and professionalism.


As a cheap and eye-catching method of brand promotion, use auto-rickshaw advertising. To take advantage of our services and see how transit media can increase your brand’s visibility, get in touch with us right away.